Hi! I'm Kate! Also Katherine to many as my mom never wanted to shorten my name! I'm a proud born and bred Canadian with a little touch of all-American girl in me! By day you will find me navigating the ins and outs of non-profit fundraising and event planning, and by night I am curled up on the couch with my best guy (and my cat, too), dreaming up all the things to share with you here.

5 Random Things About Me:

1. I can essentially recite the entire series of Gilmore Girls, and believe that every life experience can be related back to something that happened in an episode.

2. My coffee order at Starbucks is a grande blonde with 2 cream (you know, just in case we ever run into each other there).

3. I remember EVERYTHING. Names, dates, license plates, song lyrics, what someone said to me 2 years ago in a conversation. A little creepy but it definitely comes in handy!

4. I love Hello Kitty and legit own all the things.

5. I'm a hugger and I'm told I give great hugs. I believe you can show someone how you feel just by giving them a good squeeze.

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